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Post Surgical Rehab & Post Surgical Physiotherapy in Chennai

Correct rehabilitation helps you make a good recovery from your surgical procedure.

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Physiotherapist examining patients knee in clinic
Physiotherapist examining patients knee in clinic


Pre-surgery physiotherapy

Pre-surgery physiotherapy involves an exercise program that you do for 4-6 weeks before your op. This helps you enter surgery in good shape with improved muscle strength and range of movement. Getting into better shape before surgery can make for a quicker recovery, sometimes with less pain.

After your procedure, we move into the post-surgical phase of physio where our goal is to help you return to optimal physical function.  Patients who participate in the post-surgical rehabilitation process often have better results and recovery experiences than those who don’t.

Post surgical rehab

Post surgical rehab in Boston Physio Clinic in Chennai has become very important in reducing complications and malfunctions after surgery. Physical therapists were once known as reconstruction aides during war times, and have solidified themselves as post-surgical rehab specialists. Today, physical therapy has become more advanced with post-surgical rehab techniques. Through hands-on techniques and specific activities, physical therapy can increase motion, strength, and proprioception, while decreasing swelling, pain, and tenderness after surgery to ensure a complete and safe recovery. In our expert McAllen physical therapy, the final goal is a full and optimal return to all previous recreational activities and maximal athletic performance.


Boston physiotherapy can help you with rehab from:

  • Shoulder surgery such as rotator cuff repairs
  • Total joint replacements such as knee, hip, shoulder
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction
  • Neck and back surgery such as laminectomy, fusions, decompression
  • Arthroscopic knee surgeries such as lateral release, meniscectomies, meniscal repairs
  • Achilles tendon repairs