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Headaches are a common problem, often caused by everyday lifestyle factors. Ongoing stress or poor posture can cause muscle tension in your back, shoulders and neck, which leads to a tension headache. Underlying neck problems can also cause headaches.

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A cervicogenic headache is a pain felt in your head that actually originates in your neck. You might experience a headache alongside neck pain and stiffness.

Your neck is a relatively small column that connects your weighty head to your body. Your cervical spine, the 7 small vertebrae in your neck, is implicated in headache and migraine conditions. It’s also thought to be behind other symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, cyclic vomiting and unexplained eye pain.

How Boston Physiotherapy may be able to help you:

  • Determining the cause of your headaches
  • Advising on better posture, work habits, pillows and exercises to reduce stress on your body and make headaches less frequent
  • Guiding you through relaxation exercises to release muscle tension and avoid headaches.